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Building on knowledge already obtained from Sunday School, Bible class seeks to expand on this knowledge and uses lessons relevant to today's situations to help the young people deepen their faith and help to establish a firm faith in God.


Impact is our re-named young peoples work. Its name demonstrates our objective which is twofold. We feel deeply that God’s Word should have a major impact on individual lives which then results in us having a significant and real impact upon the lives of people we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Our young people are from high school age upwards and already receive a variety of sound biblical teaching across a range of meetings organized in the church. As the Impact committee we aim to develop deeper relationships with the young people through a variety of ways. We meet some Sunday afternoons at 5pm in the church and mix times of worship followed by consideration of relevant present day topics always seeking to help the young people make an application from the things they are learning through the study of the scriptures. We want to ensure and encourage them to develop their own personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. On these evenings we always take time to fellowship around a lite snack for afternoon tea.

On other occasions we meet on a Friday evening where we have more informal evenings with DVD’s, games of many varieties or even head to the Ice bowl where they can hone their talents on the ice or bowling a little more.

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